THE PASSENGER: A Vermont Urban Legend

Director: Paul Dulski

Writer: Paul Dulski

Producers: Paul Dulski and Tessa Baker

Urban legends are great folktales of some of the most bizarre tales in history. Every town has it’s own dark tale. Now, we get to learn a tale firsthand from Vermont.

Paul Dulski of Everything Horror Podcast presents his directorial debut. The Passenger: A Vermont Urban Legend takes viewers back on a brief trip through Vermont history, digging into a haunting tale of the legendary ‘Lady In White’ and the mysterious town of Whipple Willow.

This is a powerful tale that will connect to viewers on an emotional level. Cinema has trained audience to shy away from the villains without understanding their background. One thing I’ve learned while watching many films/television shows, is that you must know the full story before you judge, and you must dig deep.

The Passenger: A Vermont Urban Legend is set to release just in time for Halloween.

Watch the trailer.

Learn more about the film:


Official Website







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